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Registration: 10 000FCFA
Fees: 80 000FCFA instead of 120 000FCFA

Professional in Digital Marketing
Our highly practical professional program will turn you into a digital marketing expert capable of:
✔Starting and running your own online business
✔Starting and running your own Social Media Marketing Agency (SMMA)
✔Handling the digital marketing activities of your company
✔Getting that digital marketing job you want.
Course duration: 2 months

At KN Digital Academy, you are set to become a Digital Marketing Professional in 2 months. After successfully completely the different Digits you get an attestation of completion.

An intensive, comprehensive Course for people of all levels and taught by Professionals.

Welcome to KN Digital Academy
KN Digital Academy specializes in Digital Marketing Training.
We offer the most complete and updated training with an advanced methodology oriented by “learning by doing”.
Our goal is to ensure that during the course trainees develop a profitable, scalable digital business or skills needed to get a lucrative, fulfilling and in-demand job.

We are the first Digital Marketing Training platform to offer training in Digital Marketing at a cost this low.
Enroll now via this link https://wa.link/ipewhv

Digit 0: Defining Your Business Objective
In this introductory Digit, you shall outline your business objective which shall guide you throughout your course. You shall equally register your domain name.

Digit 1: Making Your Website
In this Digit, you shall go step-by-step to building a fully functional, professional website.
We will learn about WordPress and get you all setup with your own domain and hosting which is yours to keep.

Digit 2: Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
In this Digit, you shall uncover all the basics of SEO. The knowledge you need to know to get your website ranked on Google and everything shall be implemented on your websites.

Digit 3: Web Analytics
In this Digit, you shall uncover how to setup and analyze Google Analytics and shall be able to optimize all your marketing efforts thereafter and execute the insights Google Analytics shall give you.

Digit 4: Facebook/Instagram Ads
In this Digit, you shall cover the Facebook and Instagram ad platforms and learn how to run, scale and optimize ads on these platforms.

Digit 5: Social Media Marketing (SMM)
You shall understand the basics on setting up your social media accounts, how to use them and what business cases apply to certain social media platforms and why, with emphases on Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp & LinkedIn.

Digit 6: Email Marketing
In this Digit, you shall uncover the why and the how of email marketing. Keen attention shall be on the strategies involved as well as setting up an email marketing account for your website. You shall equally understand how to gradually grow your email list and how to possibly exploit it.

At the end of your training, you become a professional with certifications on different Digits.
Enroll now via this link https://wa.link/ipewhv

Training starts on 30th July, 2024

I design Training packages on Digital Marketing tailored to suit your business needs.

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